KenshinNAVI 健診業務支援システム

  • Central management of your database.
  • Full support, from medical examinations to instructions via networking.
  • "Creation of reports, assessment criteria, and tabular statistics that correspond to different medical examinations"
  • Configure your reports completely unrestricted.
  • Easy integration of your logo, brand, etc.
  • 特Specific medical checkup correspondence.
  • "Customization of a basic package according to your requirements and system linkage"
  • Remote maintenance of your network environment also possible
  • Ideal for specific health guidance and large-scale work
  • Create medical checkup data, reports and invoices digitally.

帳票NAVi 人間ドック、健診帳票作成ソフト

  • Simple cloud software for health check report creation.
  • Subcontracting of examination results is included in the service as well.
  • Creation of reports in a smooth and accurate way.
  • Specific medical checkup correspondence.
  • Availability of medical examination options for city residents

CareNAVi 簡易ストレスチェック

  • "Stress Check" operation support system for industrial physicians
  • Usage of the "Simple Stress Check," recommended by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
  • High stress evaluation with support via the raw point conversion table for raw data and the creation of a stress profile based on the answer result
  • Creation of "Stress Judgement Charts" for group analyses also possible


  • System for supporting health management by unifying the health checkup data (management and analysis) of each employee.
  • Extraction of important data required for the Labor Standards Inspection Office and the preparation of reports.
  • Complete group analysis function.
  • Graphing of the transition of past health checkup data figures of health counselors also possible
  • There are many functions for promoting health management to employees, such as via email to target persons or via health condition questionnaires and consultation recommendations.


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Chief Executive Officer Hitoshi Takeji.