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What does HIT Co., Ltd. do?

Welcome to HIT Co., Ltd!

HIT Co., Ltd. is a leading company in the industry, dealing with the development and sales of medical checkup systems. Through our devices, we aim to “Create high-level systems for the sake of human welfare.”
We plan, develop, and sell medical software that supports the medical checkup work at medical institutions.

While we are striving to ensure that our services satisfy our customers, we also pursue an easygoing work atmosphere for our employees.
There are no demands made for overtime work, temporary dispatch, or customer residence.
Furthermore, we are constantly striving for efficiency in all aspects of the workflow.

With its 20th anniversary in 2018, HIT Co., Ltd. is planning to grow significantly. Now we are aiming to work together with people
who can work with a firm commitment and responsibility.
There is no knowledge of system development required, therefore, it is no problem if you learn about OJT after joining your job. And it doesn’t matter whether your major is in the humanities or natural sciences.
If you are a student looking for a job, we definitely offer an exciting place to work!

We, HIT, are a company that aims to create better harmony among people, society, and the environment.
It always starts with having people in mind. At times, there are a lot of diamonds in the rough out there that can be polished toward a bright future.
We believe that it is our mission is to shape these diamonds into new solutions.
As an independent software development company, we will constantly strive to create products at a high level.
Please look forward to HIT’s advanced technology, as a product of the company’s imagination.

Chief Executive Officer Hitoshi Takeji.

Company data

Head office / branch
<Head office>
Wellness Cube Omiya 4F,1-853-8,Miyahara-cho,Kita-ku,Saitama-shi,Saitama 331-0812,Japan
<Kansai branch>
Osaka 27th Matuya Building 14F,5-1-18,Miyahara,Yodogawa-ku,Osaka-shi,Osaka 532-0003,Japan
Business content IT x medical care: A solution that always has people in mind. Our company plans, develops, and sells medical software that supports medical checkup work at medical institutions.
Planning, design, development, and sales of the “NAVI Series” software products to medical institutions.
Headquarters phone number +81 48-729-7490
capital stock 20 million yen
Coworker 10 people
amount of sales 200 million yen
Average years of work 10 years
Monthly average of overtime hours (previous year results) 1 hour


※2018年12月 インターン募集中です。少しでも興味がある方は、是非お申込みください。